eScience Team

The eScience Institute is made up of a diverse group of individuals with backgrounds in data management, informatics, software engineering, reproducibility & open source data, statistics, visualization & human computer interaction, and cloud computing. Our data scientists and researchers act as matchmakers who help researchers across UW and beyond find the most appropriate tools and technology for their work.


Naomi Alterman
Technical Education Specialist
Cecilia Aragon
Director, Human-Centered Data Science Lab
Anthony Arendt
Senior Research Scientist, Senior Data Science Fellow
Ginger Armbrust
Director, School of Oceanography
Magdalena Balazinska
Director, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering
David Beck
Director of Research, Senior Data Science Fellow
Noah Benson
Senior Data Scientist
Pedro Bernardinelli
Postdoctoral Scholar, DiRAC
Ross Boczar
Postdoctoral Scholar, Institute for Foundations of Data Science
Bing Brunton
WRF Neuroengineering Assistant Professor of Biology
Tucker Burgin
Postdoctoral Scholar, Chemical Engineering
Sebastian Castillo-Hair
Postdoctoral Scholar, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ali Chase
Postdoctoral Scholar, Applied Physics Laboratory
Andy Connolly
eScience Institute Director, Senior Data Science Fellow
Nicoleta Cristea
Research Scientist, Freshwater Initiative and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Alex Douglass
Postdoctoral Scholar, Oceanography
Dara Farrell
Postdoctoral Scholar, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
Sarah Stone
eScience Executive Director
Rob Fatland
UW Director of Cloud and Data Solutions
Maryam Fazel
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Carlos Garcia Jurado Suarez
Senior Principal Research Software Engineer, SSEC
Louisa Gaylord
Communications Specialist
Shrusti Ghela
Text Mining Student Assistant
Gregoire Guillet
Postdoctoral Scholar, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Bryna Hazelton
Research Scientist
Peter He
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
Joseph Hellerstein
eScience Data Scientist, Affiliate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Senior Data Science Fellow
Scott Henderson
Research Scientist, Department of Earth and Space Sciences
Bernease Herman
Data Scientist
Shayna Hilburg
Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemical Engineering
Jenny Holcomb
Office Coordinator
Bill Howe
Associate Professor, iSchool
Vaughn Iverson
Research Scientist
Anupama Jha
Postdoctoral Scholar, Genome Sciences
Hannah Joy-Warren
Postdoctoral Scholar, CICOES
Monica Keith
Postdoctoral Scholar, Anthropology
Emily Keller
DSSG Program Manager
Taylor Kessler Faulkner
Postdoctoral Scholar, Computer Science & Engineering
Byol Kim
Postdoctoral Scholar, Biostatistics
Janet Kim
Business Manager
Ed Lazowska
eScience Institute Founder, Senior Data Science Fellow
Rayleigh Lei
Postdoctoral Scholar, Statistics
Gang Li
Postdoctoral Scholar, Genome Sciences
Jose Manuel Magallanes
Professor of Computational Public Policy
Vani Mandava
Head of Engineering, SSEC
Ben Marwick
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Tyler McCormick
Associate Professor, Statistics and Sociology
Steve Mussmann
Postdoctoral Scholar, IFDS
Ann Nykamp
Director of Finance and Administration
Kasim Rafiq
Postdoctoral Scholar, Center for Ecosystem Sentinels
Ariel Rokem
Research Assistant Professor of Department of Psychology, Data Science Fellow
Arkajyoti Saha
Postdoctoral Scholar, Statistics
Hauke Schulz
Postdoctoral Scholar, CICOES
Don Setiawan
Senior Research Software Engineer, SSEC
Monica Sheffer
Postdoctoral Scholar, Biology
Valentina Staneva
Senior Data Scientist
Anissa Tanweer
Research Scientist, Human-Centered Data Science
Kirill Tchernyshyov
Postdoctoral Scholar, Astronomy
Kiran Vaddi
Postdoctoral Scholar, Chemical Engineering
Alison Weber
Postdoctoral Scholar, Biology
Spencer Wood
Senior Research Scientist with EarthLab
Yuexuan Wu
Postdoctoral Scholar, National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center
Fan Xia
Postdoctoral Scholar, National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center
Kehan Yang
Postdoctoral Scholar, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Xiaowei Zhang
Postdoctoral Scholar, Materials Science & Engineering