Naomi Alterman

Technical Education Specialist


Naomi joined the eScience Institute in 2021 as their Technical Education Specialist. She is a STEM education researcher and systems software hacker with a background in computer networking and electrical engineering. The primary focus of her work is on inclusive pedagogy at entrances to the STEM learning pipeline in postsecondary education, and how to build engineering communities of practice. She loves thinking about the interface between complex domains of information, be they hardware, software, or people.

She has taught engineering and data science courses at Mills College and the University of Illinois’s iSchool, and worked as a programming instructor for programs at Stanford University, Upperline Code, and the Bay Area Tutoring Association. In industry she helped develop the pioneering network programming language P4 and worked on the kernel networking team at Apple. She holds an MS (2013) and a BS (2012) in Electrical Engineering, both from Stanford University.


  • Education and pedagogy
  • Cloud computing
  • Software engineering
  • Computer networks
  • Computer graphics
  • Languages: Python, Javascript, C/C++, Shell scripting and UNIX, and SQL