Data Science Incubator

Utilize our data science experts for your project!

The Data Science Incubator brings together our data scientists and domain scientists to collaborate on focused, intensive projects.

The Data Science Incubator is a one-quarter program that pairs researchers with eScience data scientists who provide expertise in state-of-the-art technology and methods in statistics and machine learning, data manipulation and analytics at all scales, cloud and cluster computing, software design and engineering, data visualization, and more. We find that collaboration in shared virtual or physical spaces is important for deeper technical engagement and provides opportunities for “cross-pollination” among multiple concurrent projects.

Faculty, post-docs, and graduate students in any field can propose a Data Science Incubator project, which cover a wide range of research topics. Incubator projects are not “for-hire” software jobs — the project lead will work in collaboration with the data scientists and the broader eScience community.

Details on the Winter 2025 Incubator will be available in the autumn.

“I didn’t know where to begin on the data-intensive second chapter of my dissertation. I also developed data management skills that have already helped me with other ongoing projects.”

— Stuart Ian Graham, Winter 2019 Incubator participant