Carlos Garcia Jurado Suarez

Principal Software Engineer, SSEC


Carlos is a Principal Software Engineer with the UW Scientific Software Engineering Center (SSEC). As part of SSEC, he leads Software Engineering and Machine Learning (ML) projects in collaboration with researchers to develop robust and scalable scientific software.

Carlos has over 25 years of experience building software. Before joining SSEC, he was an Engineering Director at Outreach, a local Seattle startup. He led a team of 10 engineers and scientists, developing ML models and systems for a real-time conversational assistant.

Carlos spent 17 years at Microsoft, most of them in Microsoft Research, working at the intersection of science and engineering. He collaborated with researchers in a wide range of areas, such as Distributed Systems, Networking, and Machine Learning. His contributions resulted in many research publications and impacted products such as the Kinect SDK for Windows and the Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS). He also worked at Facebook for two and a half years. As part of the Messenger and Facebook Portal teams, he shipped code and ML models serving millions of users.

Carlos is a UW alumnus and holds Master’s degrees in both Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. He did his undergrad in Physics Engineering at ITESM in Monterrey, Mexico.