Joseph Hellerstein

eScience Data Scientist, Affiliate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Senior Data Science Fellow


Joseph L. Hellerstein is a Senior Data Science Fellow and Research Scientist at the UW eScience Institute. He is an Affiliate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, and is a member of the UW Graduate Faculty.

His major projects focus on the analysis of biological systems such as: predicting the phenotypes of microbe communities and improving the scale and robustness of model building in biology by incorporating technologies used in software engineering (e.g., kinetics models with templates). He has developed and taught several courses: “Molecular Biology for Computer Scientists,” “Software Development for Data Scientists” and “Computational Systems Biology for BioMedical Applications.” His primary collaborators are in Chemical Engineering, BioEngineering, and Civil Engineering.

Dr. Hellerstein was previously a Software Engineering Manager with Google Inc. in Seattle, a Principal Architect at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington and a Senior Manager at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Hawthorne, New York. Dr. Hellerstein received the PhD in computer science from the University of California at Los Angeles. He has published approximately 200 peer-reviewed articles and two books, and has taught at Columbia University and the University of Washington. Dr. Hellerstein is a Fellow of the IEEE.


  • Python, R, Scala
  • Machine learning
  • Interpretable models
  • Data visualization (D3.js, Leaflet, Shiny)
  • Version control (Git/GitHub)
  • Reproducibility and open science