Bryna Hazelton

Research Scientist

Bryna Hazelton is a research scientist in the Physics department and the eScience Institute.

Bryna is an expert in advanced statistical measurements and workflows for processing petabyte-scale data. She is particularly interested in understanding subtle systematics in precision measurements with deep experience in Fourier analysis and image processing.

Bryna received her BS from UCSD and her PhD in Physics from UCSC. After her PhD she came to UW to work on observing the first stars and galaxies as they lit up 13 billion years ago. These statistical measurements are considered one of the grand challenges of modern cosmology and involve custom instruments, petabyte-scale data and cutting-edge statistical techniques to extract the signal from very low signal to noise data.


  • Astrophysics and cosmology
  • Fourier analysis
  • Statistical and mathematical modeling
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Fourier and image analysis
  • Version control (Git/GitHub)
  • Reproducibility and open science
  • Languages: Python, SQL, IDL, and Java