Don Setiawan

Senior Research Software Engineer, SSEC

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Don Setiawan is a Senior Research Software Engineer for the UW Scientific Software Engineering Center (SSEC) at eScience Institute. He has expertise in Python programming, web development, geospatial data analytics, and cloud-based data engineering that he is very excited to share in his role. Don has been an Affiliate with UW eScience since 2017 as a Technical Specialist with the Hackweek program. He has strong skills in interacting with diverse, multi-institutional teams of scientists and software engineers, in a variety of contexts, leading to concrete software development and implementation.

Prior to being a part of SSEC, Don was working with the UW School of Oceanography in the Ocean Observatory Initiative (OOI) project as part of the Regional Cabled Array team. He was a technical lead, providing software and research support. He has also worked with the UW Applied Physics Laboratory in designing, developing, and maintaining scientific data analysis systems across multiple institutes and agencies.

Don is a UW School of Oceanography alumnus. He focused on geospatial data analysis and management through the development of wave sensor buoys to study the spatial variability of oceanic waves. In his spare time, Don enjoys photography, music, and exploring in nature with his wife and two dogs. He believes that spending time in nature will improve mental health and spark creativity, leading to innovative solutions.