Gregoire Guillet

Postdoctoral Scholar, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Gregoire Guillet is a postdoctoral fellow in Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE). Gregoire is a physical glaciologist studying the role of fast ice flow in glacier mass budgets.

His research aims to provide a more detailed picture of the physics governing fast glacier flow and glacier instabilities by unifying glacier satellite observations with numerical models within probabilistic uncertainty estimation frameworks. Prior to UW, Gregoire was a Postdoc (2020-2022) at the University St Andrews in Scotland, where he used glacier remotely sensed observations and models to investigate unstable ice flow in High Mountain Asia. He completed his Ph.D. in Earth System Science at Universite Savoie-Mont-Blanc in France (2020) and his M.Sc. in Glaciology at Universite Grenoble Alpes, France (2016).