Katherine Grisanzio

DSSG 2023 Student Fellow


Psychology, Harvard University

Katherine received her B.S. in Psychology from Boston College, then spent four years as a Lab Manager in the Psychiatry Department at Stanford University. Now, she is a PhD student in the Cognition, Brain, & Behavior program with a secondary field in Data Science at Harvard University. Katherine’s research focuses on leveraging behavioral, longitudinal, and neuroimaging techniques to characterize emotional experiences across adolescent development and identify critical brain-behavior relationships during this transitional age period. She is excited to participate in the DSSG program for the unique opportunity to combine her love for using analytical techniques to uncover meaningful insights from data with her passion for creating a positive societal impact. Specifically, she is eager to join the Heating Loads project to make meaningful progress towards identifying sustainable energy alternatives within the scope of an interdisciplinary project with real-world socio-economic impacts.