Ali Chase

Postdoctoral Scholar, Applied Physics Laboratory


I use optical oceanography to understand the distributions of phytoplankton communities on large spatial scales. Phytoplankton are single-celled autotrophs supporting the marine food web and playing a key role in global cycles of nutrients and carbon, and their populations in the ocean are complex in time and space. I use measurements of the light field made both in situ and from satellites to detect the presence and distributions of different phytoplankton communities, whether taxonomic groups or size classes.

My interests are in advancing the knowledge of ocean ecosystems through innovative measurements and by combining knowledge and methods from optical, physical, and biological oceanography. I am working to develop tools and to conduct research in an open and collaborative environment, and to “think outside the box” in how we approach research, in the context of broadening our views in science and with awareness of rapidly developing technology and data science fields.