Cordero Core

Senior Software Engineer, SSEC

Cordero Core is an accomplished Sr. Software Engineer with over 13 years of experience in the software development industry. Throughout his career, Cordero has established himself as an expert in software and machine learning applications. He has successfully delivered innovative software solutions for diverse industries, including healthcare, e-commerce, aerospace, and security.

Cordero’s profound knowledge in developing software solutions has led to significant contributions to his field, including a patent (US11347046B2) for his groundbreaking work in computational microscopy and digital pathology. His work in this area has helped to revolutionize the imaging and analysis of pathology specimens, providing reliable diagnostic information to healthcare professionals.

Cordero is also a member of the Entrepreneur and Practitioner Advisory Board for the Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development. In this role, he provides guidance to startups and entrepreneurs, demonstrating his dedication to mentoring and helping others achieve their business goals. His efforts have earned him recognition in the startup community.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Cordero has a passion for creativity. He enjoys baking, graphic design, drawing, and collecting comic books. These hobbies reflect his love for exploring new techniques and styles to enhance his skills.

Currently, Cordero serves as a Sr. Software Engineer at the eScience Institute. His role involves creating software solutions that promote scientific research, data management, and collaboration across multiple disciplines.