Madelyn Gaumer

DSSG 2023 Data Scientist


Data Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Madelyn is currently a data scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), where she has been since 2019. She works in the fields of computer vision, deep learning, optimization, and natural language processing. Prior to working at PNNL, Madelyn worked as a software engineer at Microsoft.

Madelyn earned her master’s degree in applied and computational mathematics through the Applied Mathematics Department at the University of Washington. Madelyn received her bachelor of science in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College. 

Madelyn was a DSSG fellow in 2022 working on the Heating Loads in Alaska and Beyond project. She continued working in the heating loads space for her master’s thesis, entitled “Data Sampling and Analysis for the Improvement of Estimating Heating Loads in Alaska”.

Beyond her technical interests, Madelyn is very passionate about social justice issues, particularly those in STEM education. At PNNL, she works as a STEM ambassador, teaching the public about research and showcasing the diversity of scientists at PNNL. Overall, Madelyn has a passion for using computer science and mathematics to solve interesting and socially relevant problems, which led to her interest in the DSSG program.