Aminat Adefolu

DSSG 2023 Student Fellow


College of Science and Engineering, Central Michigan University

Aminat is a graduate student at Central Michigan University, she is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in a field related to applied statistics and data science. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and Statistics, master’s degree in data Analytics, where she developed a strong foundation in programming and data analysis. With a passion for using data to drive social change, she has actively engaged in research projects that involve leveraging data science techniques to address real-world problems.

Throughout her academic journey, she has cultivated a deep interest in the intersection of data science and social good. She is driven by a desire to apply her skills and knowledge to tackle pressing societal issues and make a positive impact in her community. Participating in the DSSG program at the University of Washington is a natural fit for her, as it provides an excellent opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals, gain hands-on experience in using data science for social good, and contribute to meaningful projects that aim to address critical challenges. She is excited to be part of a supportive and interdisciplinary research environment that values diversity, innovation, and positive change.