Sonja Wahl

Postdoctoral Scholar, UW Earth and Space Science & University of Bergen, Norway


I have a background in Environmental Sciences and obtained my PhD at the Geophysical Institute at the University of Bergen in Norway. Following a first PostDoc Appointment at EPFL in Switzerland, I am now leading the NFR-funded SnowDOGS collaborative project between UW in Seattle, LSCE in France and UiB in Norway.

My research is centred around the interactions between snow and lower atmosphere in alpine and polar regions. I use stable water isotopes as tracers to study the cryospheric part of the hydrological cycle. Using stable water isotope analysis allows to study micro-scale snow processes on the macro-scale. My research has the purpose of increasing the understanding of the snow’s role in a changing climate and improving paleoclimate reconstructions from ice core stable water isotope records from remote areas such as the Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheet.