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The Scientific Software Engineering Center (SSEC) was created in January 2022 within the University of Washington’s eScience Institute. SSEC connects researchers with software engineers who can build scalable, open software in order to facilitate accelerated scientific discovery across fields.
At SSEC, we believe that establishing a strong foundation of open source with a focus on empowering PIs for community adoption will evolve the research software engineering culture and accomplish efficiencies in software deployment for accomplishing scientific breakthroughs. SSEC projects are available publicly on Github to foster our culture of openness.

Who We Are

David Beck

eScience Director of Research

Cordero Core

Senior Software Engineer

Don Setiawan

Senior Research Software Engineer

Niki Burggraf

Senior Software Engineer

Vani Mandava

SSEC Head of Engineering

Anshul Tambay

Technical Program Manager

Anissa Tanweer

Senior Social Scientist

SSEC Graduate Research Scholars

Madhav Kashyap

Anant Mittal

Ishika Khandelwal

Anuradha Ramachandran

Anuj Sinha

Rashmika Reddy Vookanti

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