Winter School 2022 Program Wrap-Up

The eScience Institute’s “Winter School on Data Science Tools” recently concluded, which was led by Senior Data Science Fellow
Jose Manuel Magallanes, renowned Computational Policy Scientist from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, who is a visiting professor with support from the Evans School of Public Policy and the eScience Institute. The 2022 Winter School introduced 20 participants to programming languages (Python via Jupyter / R via Rstudio), and other relevant tools to organize and present information (version control with GitHub; document preparation with markdown and latex; reference management with Zotero). “The School was offered for participants mainly from different schools from UW such as Global/Public Health, Public Policy, Social Sciences, Social Work, International Relations and Business Management,” said Magallanes, “This time we accepted applicants from other universities in the USA and abroad.” The program was presented in partnership with the UW Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, and was offered free of charge.