The Promise of Big Data: Q&A With eScience’s Andrew Connolly

andrewconnolly_0University of Washington’s Andrew Connolly recently spoke with UW Today’s Peter Kelley to discuss his work on the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), calling it “one of the most exciting experiments in astrophysics today.”

Connolly, a professor in UW’s Department of Astronomy as well as a member of the eScience Executive Committee, oversaw UW’s data management group to develop the software to study information received from the telescope.

“The LSST isn’t the biggest telescope in the world, nor does it have the highest-quality images. What it does have is a very large field of view and the largest digital camera in the world (with 3.2 billion pixels). This means it can survey half of the sky every three nights to discover if anything has changed or moved.”

The LSST will begin scanning the sky in 2022 from on top of the Cerro Pachón mountain in northern Chile.

You can read the full interview with Professor Connolly here: