Cloud-Enabled Tools for the Analysis of Subsea HD Camera Data

Project Lead: Aaron Marburg, Applied Physics Laboratory

eScience Liaisons: Bernease Herman and Valentina Staneva

The publicly available data generated by CamHD have enormous scientific potential, with the capacity to support a wide range of geological, biological, hydrological, and oceanographic investigations using image analysis methods. However, the large size of the video archive and the lack of co-located computing infrastructure at the CI constitute a significant barrier to CamHD science. For end users, downloading this immense dataset for local analysis represents a significant burden in terms of time, bandwidth, and data storage costs. To fully realize the potential of the CamHD system for long-time-series investigations using image analysis, a co-located storage and computing solution must be developed.

View the project GitHub here.

Subsea HD Camera (CAMHD) on the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) Cabled Array 300 miles off the Oregon coast observes the volcanic vent Mushroom on Axial volcano 300.