eScience takes on 7 projects in the 2020 Winter Incubator program

Winter Incubator participants in a weekly group meeting sharing project updates.

The goal of the Winter Data Science Incubator is to enable new research discoveries by bringing together data scientists and domain scientists to work on focused, intensive, collaborative projects. Our team of data scientists provide expertise in state-of-the-art technology and methods in large-scale data manipulation and analytics, cloud and cluster computing, statistics and machine learning, and visualization to help researchers extract knowledge from large, complex, and noisy datasets. Projects also frequently, but not exclusively, involve a non-trivial software engineering component. Each fall we release a call for proposals to participate in the Winter Incubator program. Selected projects identify a project lead who spends Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout winter quarter working one-on-one with a data scientist in the Data Science Studio. Projects also benefit from crosstalk during weekly full group meetings where all projects present updates and pressing challenges.

This year, in our 7th iteration of this program, we selected 7 projects from 6 different departments/units on campus including Environmental & Forest Science, Oceanography, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Political Science, Earth & Space Sciences, and Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine. In total, eScience has collaborated on 43 Incubator projects from 28 different departments/units over the past 6 years. This program is open to any faculty, staff, or student whose research can be significantly advanced by intensive collaboration with a data science expert. Final presentations for this year’s projects are open to all and will be Thursday March 12th, 2-4pm in the WRF Data Science Studio Seminar Room, followed by a reception.