Celebrating 15 Years of the eScience Institute

This year we are celebrating the 15th anniversary since the eScience Institute was established at the University of Washington. In the past 15 years, data science tools and methods have become much more widely recognized and utilized in scientific research, as well as areas like medicine, humanities, business, art, and more. To celebrate, eScience will bring together our current community, alumni, and distinguished guests to celebrate our impact on data science education, research, and community development at the UW and beyond.

The program includes:

  • Welcome address from Tricia Serio, UW Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • The eScience Institute’s impact with Andrew Connolly, eScience Director
  • Highlights from eScience’s core programs and research collaborations
  • Discussion panel: postdoctoral alumni share their data science career trajectories
  • Plenary talk from Dr. Fernando Pérez, Associate Professor in Statistics and co-Director for the Schmidt Center for Data Science and Environment at UC Berkeley
  • Discussion panel: the vision of data science and AI at UW