DSSG projects highlighted in the media

By Robin Brooks

A collage of four photos featuring the fellows and their advisors. Photo, Robin Brooks, eScience Institute
The fellows and most of their advisors. Photo, Robin Brooks, eScience Institute

The eScience Institute’s Data Science for Social Good fellows presented their final projects on August, 18th to a packed auditorium.

The sixteen fellows have been working for the last ten weeks on four projects designed to tackle urban issues that might be solved with data analysis.

The final presentations received media coverage (see below), especially the groups focused on enhancing aspects of transportation – one through the improvement of mapping sidewalk accessibility, and another mining ORCA (one regional card for all) data for possible upgrades in bus routing systems.

A third project concentrated on determining whether unsafe food products could be discovered more quickly using online reviews, and the final one asked whether census data could provide clues for estimating poverty levels.

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Check out this page on our website for further details on the projects, or read up on their process on the fellows’ blog.