Research workflow from a case study inThe Practice of Reproducible Research

Data Science Environments partners publish reproducibility book

By Robin Brooks

Research workflow from a case study inThe Practice of Reproducible Research
Research workflow from a case study in The Practice of Reproducible Research

Researchers from the UW’s eScience Institute, New York University Center for Data Science and Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) have authored a new book titled The Practice of Reproducible Research. Representatives from the three universities, all Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments partners, joined on January 27, 2017, at a symposium hosted by BIDS. There, speakers discussed the book’s content, including case studies, lessons learned and the potential future of reproducible research practices.

The book (linked above) is available online, and will also be published in print in late 2017. It is described on the BIDS webpage as “a collection of 31 case studies in reproducible research practices written by scientists and engineers working in the data-intensive sciences. Each case study presents the specific approach that the author used to achieve reproducibility in a real-world research project, including a discussion of the overall project workflow, major challenges, and key tools and practices used to increase the reproducibility of the research.”

Several fellows from the eScience Institute contributed to the book, including Anthony Arendt, Randy LeVeque, Jose Manuel Magallanes, Ph.D., Ben Marwick, Ariel Rokem, and Valentina Staneva.