‘Creating Institutional Change in Data Science’ paper published

A graphic depicting the cycle of advances in data science methodologies
A graphic from the paper depicting the cycle of advances in data science

A new paper intended for academic leaders who seek to accelerate data-intensive discovery and data science education on their campuses has been released.

It is based on the experiences of the three institutions (New York University; University of California, Berkeley; and the University of Washington) in the Data Science Environments effort sponsored by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation—a collaborative experiment intended to transform the process of discovery and the institutional environments in which discovery takes place.

This funding made it possible for all three of universities to experiment with different approaches to education and research support in order to strengthen and broaden data science in academia.

The goal of the paper is to provide a menu of possibilities for those seeking to emulate aspects of the Data Science Environments; it was composed collectively by a committee of stakeholders from each of the universities.