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Showcasing data science in the arts, engineering, humanities, and sciences.

The UW Data Science Seminar is an annual lecture series at the University of Washington that hosts scholars working across applied areas of data science, such as the arts, engineering, humanities and sciences along with methodological areas in data science, such as computer science, applied math and statistics. Our presenters come from all domain fields and include occasional external speakers from regional partners, governmental agencies and industry.

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The 2023-2024 seminars are in person on the UW campus, and are free and open to the public. Students may opt to sign up for a one credit seminar (CR/NCR) listed as CHEM E 599, “Topics in Data Science” or sometimes “Current Topics in Chemical Engineering.”

The Spring 2024 seminars are held in the Physics/Astronomy Auditorium, Auditorium 118.

Spring 2024 Seminars

March 27th

2024 Data Science Incubator projects: George Brencher and Diane Xue

April 3rd

2024 Data Science Incubator projects: Nino Migineishvili and Tabitha Harrison

April 10th

2024 Data Science Incubator projects: Jihyeon Bae and Hauke Schulz

April 17th

Model Selection and False Positive Error Control in Complex Modeling Paradigms with Armeen Taeb, UW Statistics Assistant Professor

April 24th

“Navigating the Data Deluge: AI, Infrastructure, and Decision-Making in the Era of Big Data” with Joshua C. Agar, Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics, Drexel University

May 1st

“Integrated analysis of plasma and single immune cells uncovers metabolic changes in individuals with COVID-19” with Jihoon Lee, UW Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Program

May 8th

Tightly Integrated, Programmable Hardware Acceleration” with Ang Li, UW Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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January 11: “The Unequal Landscape of Civic Opportunity in America: Evidence from 1.8 Million Tax Returns” with Jae Yeon Kim, Safety Net Innovations Lab

January 18: “Mobile sensing with shallow recurrent decoder networks” with Megan Ebers, AI Institute in Dynamic Systems

January 25: “Decoding Terminators: Synthetic terminator designs enabled by comprehensive analysis of plant terminators” with Sayeh Gorjifard, UW Genome Sciences postdoctoral scholar

February 1: “Leveraging Nature’s Translation Between Low and High Temperature Proteins with Deep Learning” with Evan Komp, recent PhD in UW Chemical Engineering Data Science

February 8: “Reconstructing the synaptic wiring diagram of the fruit fly brain” with Sven Dorkenwald, Shanahan Foundation Fellow

February 15: “Robustly estimating heterogeneity in factorial data using Rashomon Partitions” with Tyler McCormick, UW Statistics and Sociology

February 22: “A gentle & comparative introduction to social network analysis using Python and R” with Jose Manuel Magallanes, Computational Public Policy

February 29: “Data-driven open source projects: preventing random acts of metrics” with Julia Ferraioli from AWS

March 7: “Mechanics-informed, geospatial ML for natural hazard planning & response” with Morgan Sanger, UW Geotechnical Engineering

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This seminar is currently organized and hosted by the eScience Institute and the Engineering Data Science Institute (EDSI). We are grateful for the support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

The eScience Institute, iSchool DataLab, and CSE Interactive Data Lab co-created and hosted this seminar series from 2014 through 2019. In Fall 2020, the eScience Community Seminar merged with the UW Data Science Seminar Series.