Community Data Science Workshops (Spring 2015)

CommunityDataScienceWorkshopThe Community Data Science Workshops in Spring 2015 are a series of project-based workshops being held at the University of Washington for anyone interested in learning how to use programming and data science tools to ask and answer questions about online communities like Wikipedia, Twitter, free and open source software, and civic media.

The workshops are for people with absolutely no previous programming experience and they bring together researchers and academics with participants and leaders in online communities. The workshops are run entirely by volunteers and are entirely free of charge for participants, generously sponsored by the UW Department of Communication and the eScience Institute. Participants from outside UW are encouraged to apply.

There will be a mandatory evening setup session 6:00-9:00pm on Friday April 10 and three workshops held from 9am-4pm on three Saturdays (April 11 and 25 and May 9). Each Saturday session will involve a period for lecture and technical demonstrations in the morning. This will be followed by a lunch graciously provided by the eScience Institute at UW. The rest of the day will be followed by group work on programming and data science projects supported by more experienced mentors.

To register for the workshops, please visit the CDSW’s wiki page. Registration closes on April 3rd.

(Photo credit: University of Washington Department of Communication)