Hackweek Project Consultant Schedule

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The Project Consultant has a big-picture view of the possible scope of projects for the hackweek community, and helps participants get clear on project ideas and objectives. Project Consultants are asked to participate in a virtual training session, and to begin assisting participants in advance of the event.

Week Duration Title Description
-4 60 min Project Consultant Orientation Learn our approach for setting up and guiding project work; discuss approaches for fostering project ideas for this specific community.
-3 to -1 varies Guiding Project Ideation Communicate with participants on Slack, encouraging project pitching and ideation prior to the hackweek.

Hackweek Activities

Hackweek Project Consultants will attend the hackweek on day 1 to guide formation of teams, earning a . Ideally they will be available on other days of the week to assist as projects continue.