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Work closely with data science professionals and students to make better use of your data.

Each year, the eScience Institute chooses several data-intensive projects that require collaboration in data science approaches, such as scalable data management, statistical analysis, machine learning, open source software development, cloud and cluster computing, and data visualization. We welcome proposals submitted by academic researchers, public agencies, non-profit entities, and industry.

Our UW Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) program supports compelling, timely, and publicly-relevant projects that are poised to take advantage of tremendous student and professional technical talent and computation resources. UW DSSG projects are methodologically rigorous and designed to address societal challenges in areas such as human services, public policy, health and safety, environmental impacts, transportation, accessibility, social justice, and urban informatics.

Project proposals are now being accepted for the 2023 UW DSSG program.

Project proposals are due February 17, 2023. Project that have been short-listed will be notified in early March, and final selections will be announced late March. Project Leads will have several meetings with eScience data scientists to discuss the project’s scope before the UW DSSG summer program begins in June.

Working with the DSSG Fellows and data scientists has transformed our software from a basic package to a cutting edge, sophisticated software suite.”

Matt A. Barreto, 2020 DSSG Project Lead