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The Scientific Software Engineering Center (SSEC) at the eScience Institute is building a diverse team of software engineers who will bring their unique backgrounds and expertise to the UW community. These software engineers will work on impactful research projects, infusing them with the software industry’s best practices, and delivering reusable, open source software that will accelerate future research in areas like climate change, health, energy and basic science.

We are looking for qualified software engineers with dual backgrounds in science and technology, who will be central to the SSEC mission to support data driven research by enabling the development of new software tools and user communities serving greater scientific goals.

SSEC is currently hiring for these positions:

Senior Software Engineers (multiple positions) – Job #209999

Associate Software Engineers (multiple positions) – Job #210005

“I am excited to bring together best practices and talent from the software industry, combined with a deep commitment to fundamental science and open reproducible tool development at UW.”

Vani Mandava, Head of Engineering at SSEC