A Series of Tutorials and Demos on Topics of Interest to Data Scientists

The Topics in Data Science seminar is a new offering held this spring at the eScience institute. The goal is to provide a closer look at useful techniques in data science in a long-form interactive setting. Over the quarter, we’ll hear from a variety of speakers discussing tools and techniques that go beyond the fundamentals presented in previous courses. The seminars are partly interactive, so bring your laptops!

Spring 2018 Schedule

Time: Wednesdays, 10:00 – 11:30 a.m.

Location: Data Science Studio Seminar Room, 6th Floor Physics/Astronomy Tower

The seminars are partly interactive, so bring your laptops!

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
April 20 (Friday) Tools for Data Cleaning and Munging (files) Ryan Maas Staff scientist, UW eScience
April 25 Tensor Decompositions in Machine Learning (github repo) Valentina Staneva Data Scientist, UW eScience
May 2 Sequential Experimental Design Kevin Jamieson Professor, UW CSE
May 8
Vega-Lite – A Grammar of Interactive Graphics Dominik Moritz Ph.D. Candidate, UW CSE
May 16 Text Classification: From Logistic Regression to Neural Networks (data/slides) Yangfeng Ji Postdoctoral Researcher, UW CSE
May 23 Evaluation Methods for Machine Learning Bernease Herman Data Scientist, UW eScience
May 30 Convex Modeling and Optimization Maryam Fazel Professor, UW EE
June 6 Theoretical Insights on Deep Learning Zaid Harchaoui Professor, UW Statistics