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Our mission is to engage researchers across disciplines in developing advanced computational methods and tools and applying them to real-world problems.

The eScience Institute hosts a number of programs and events throughout the year, both in person and remotely. We make a point to invite researchers and domain scientists across all disciplines to learn how data science can be utilized.

NeuroHackademy 2022 final presentations

NeuroHackademy is one of our summer hackweeks that focuses on neuroimaging and data science. Participants learn about technologies used to analyze human neuroscience data and to make analysis and results shareable and reproducible.

Click here to learn more about NeuroHackademy and the other eScience hackweeks.

Final presentations from our 2022 Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) program, where Student Fellows collaborated with data scientists and community stakeholders on projects that benefit our society.

Adam Glaser, Senior Scientist at the Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics, presents “Light-Sheet Microscopy At Scale” for one of the 2022 UW Data Science Seminars hosted by eScience.

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Check out our YouTube channel where we post plenty of data science videos and recordings from past events and seminars!