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Apply now: UW Data Science Postdoctoral Fellow

The eScience Institute invites applications for the title of “UW Data Science Postdoctoral Fellow”. We are seeking outstanding interdisciplinary researchers who are actively involved in developing and/or utilizing advanced data science tools and techniques in their research at the UW. Previous and current postdocs have found value in being part of this interdisciplinary community where participants come together around data science methodological development and challenges.

Only current or incoming UW postdocs supervised by an eScience-affiliated mentor may apply. If your supervisor would like to become an eScience Affiliate, please contact Sarah Stone.

UW Data Science Postdoctoral Fellows will receive:

  • $2,000 for research-related expenses (including travel) upon appointment
  • access to up to an additional $5,000 of research funding following a lightweight competitive proposal process which will take place twice each year, in ~January and ~June.
  • invitation to the weekly eScience postdoc lunch series and annual career workshop series

UW Data Science Postdoctoral Fellows will be expected to:

  • attend and present a seminar in the UW Data Science Seminar series
  • regularly attend weekly eScience postdoc lunches
  • acknowledge the eScience Institute on relevant conference presentations or research products

UW Data Science Postdoctoral Fellows who remain active in the eScience community are eligible to maintain their title for the duration of their postdoc appointment at the UW.


  • only current and incoming UW postdoctoral researchers may apply
  • postdocs may hold more than one title, shared titling is encouraged
  • postdocs must be supervised by an eScience affiliated mentor (this includes eScience affiliate faculty, data science fellows, executive and steering committee members); see People page for detailed lists
  • research involves developing and/or utilizing advanced data science tools and techniques

Application materials and cycles:

Applications will be accepted and evaluated twice per year with due dates of 12pm midnight PT on September 15th and March 15th. Submit the following application materials as a single pdf file to Senior Research Scientist Spencer Wood:

  1. 1-page research statement: devote ~½ page to your domain/disciplinary research and ~½ page specifying your data science related research and activities
  2. Current CV
  3. Brief letter of support from your supervisor

Application materials will be reviewed and evaluated by the eScience Executive Committee. We look forward to receiving your application.