Undergraduate Data Science Options

Students in the governance analytics course

Participating departments and their undergraduate data science options are as follows (alphabetical order):


Graduate Data Science Options

  • Astronomy: Option is offered in the Ph.D. degree program.
  • Atmospheric Sciences: Option is offered in the Ph.D. degree program. More information coming soon.
  • Biology: Option is offered in the Ph.D. and M.S. degree programs.
  • Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education: Option is available in the Ph.D. degree program.
  • Chemical Engineering: Options are available in the Ph.D. degree program and the Masters of Science program.
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering: Option is offered in the Ph.D. degree program.
  • Genome Sciences: Learn about the data science and advanced data science options here.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Option is offered in the Ph.D. degree program and the Masters of Science program, more information coming soon.
  • Molecular & Cellular Biology: Option is offered in the Ph.D. degree program.
  • Molecular Engineering and Sciences: Option is offered in the Ph.D. degree program.
  • Psychology: Offers the Data Science Graduate Option.
  • Ph.D. students in Applied Mathematics, MathematicsComputer Science & EngineeringOceanography, or Statistics should only enroll in the Advanced Graduate Data Science Option.


Advanced Graduate Data Science

A photo of the first cohort of data science Masters degree students


Professional Masters

Director Magda Balazinska presents at a conference.

For information about the professional data science master program, including application requirements and registration dates, see their website.

“The UW’s new Master of Science in Data Science is a unique multidisciplinary program that covers topics ranging from statistics to visual design. It provides students with broad yet deep technical knowledge that will advance their careers.” – Ed Lazowska