Monica Sheffer

Monica received her PhD from the University of Greifswald in Germany, as part of the “RESPONSE” graduate training group, which focuses on understanding how organisms respond to novel and changing environments. Monica employs interdisciplinary approaches to address this issue, and her work aims to integrate information from all levels of biological organization, from the molecular and physiological level, up to phenotypic outcomes for individuals, and how those outcomes shape population dynamics. In her career, and especially as an eScience postdoctoral fellow, Monica hopes to be at the forefront of melding data science with molecular ecology. At the University of Washington, in collaboration with Dr. Lauren Buckley, Monica is studying how survival and fecundity constraints vary with elevation in a montane grasshopper system, and is looking forward to the large, noisy datasets to come, which will (hopefully) allow us to better predict species responses to global change.