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Undercurrents at the DSE Summit

Blog post by Brittany Fiore-Silfvast

The Data Science Environment (DSE) Summit took place in beautiful Monterey, CA at the Asilomar Conference Center. The Summit brought together over a hundred participants across three universities (UW, UC Berkeley and NYU) involved in the Moore and Sloan Foundations’ Data Science Environment grant.

As a data science ethnographer, I typically take […]

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UW “Trend in Engineering” Features Data Science

from UW CSE News:

SeaFlow, a research instrument developed in the lab of UW School of Oceanography director Ginger Armbrust, analyzes 15,000 marine microorganisms per second, generating up to 15 gigabytes of data every single day of a typical multi-week-long oceanographic research cruise.

UW professor of astronomy Andy Connolly is preparing for the unveiling of the Large […]

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UW CSE’s Jeff Heer is one of 14 Moore Foundation “Data-Driven Discovery Investigators”

from UW CSE News:

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation joined last year with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation in a process that ultimately selected the University of Washington, UC Berkeley, and New York University as partners in a 5-year, $38.7 million collaborative effort to advance data-intensive discovery.

The Moore Foundation has just announced the results of […]

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TED Talk: What’s the Next Window into Our Universe?

Big Data is everywhere — even the skies. In an informative talk, astronomer Andrew Connolly shows how large amounts of data are being collected about our universe, recording it in its ever-changing moods. Just how do scientists capture so many images at scale? It starts with a giant telescope …

What’s The Next Window Into Our […]

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