Methods: Databases,Machine Learning,Reproducible & Open Science,Social Simulation,Visualization
Fields: Political Science, Public Policy, Social Science

This project aims at integrating different sources of data to produce analytics prototypes that could better inform citizens and policy makers. Several techniques from Data Science and Computational Social Science will be used along this project to build the prototypes. Only publicly available data will be considered.


Project Leader: Professor José Manuel Magallanes

Associate Senior Researchers:  Craig Thomas, Tyler McCormick, Ernesto Calvo, Mason Porter, James Fowler, Scott Desposato, Tyler Scott, Sang Hoon Lee, Scott Morgenstern and Rodrigo Rodrigues-Silveira.

Associate Senior Data Scientist: Bernease Herman (eScience Institute).

Research Assistant: Liyuan Zhang  (Evans School of Public Policy and Governance).

Research Collaborator: Sarah Chasins.

Collaborators from Peru: José Luis Incio,  Marylia Cruz, María Gracia Becerra, Sakimi León and Tania Paredes.

Associated Institutions:

  • LABORATORIO DE POLITICAS PUBLICAS (LabPUCP), Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.


Prototypes available: