Aniket Fadia

Associate Software Engineer, SSEC


Aniket Fadia is a Software Engineer with the UW Scientific Software Engineering Center (SSEC) at the eScience Institute where he is working on developing scalable software systems to unlock the potential of big data.

Aniket graduated with a Master’s in Data Science from the University of Washington in 2023. Before joining UW, Aniket worked for 3 years as a Software Engineer at Samsung Research where he contributed to designing and developing their big data search and analytics platform. He also worked on various projects that saw him apply machine learning and natural language processing to improve Samsung’s virtual assistant. During summer of 2022, he interned at as a Software Development Engineer and created a Hotline Reporting Service using AWS for Amazon warehouse workers to improve their safety. Aniket’s expertise lies in backend engineering, machine learning, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to lead ambiguous projects in a fast-paced environment.

Outside of work, Aniket enjoys meditation, traveling, and spending time with his friends. His inherent curiosity means that he is always learning new skills that will help him grow as a person.