The following general principles guide the Industry Affiliates Program at the University of Washington eScience Institute. Members of the program (henceforth, “affiliate members”) are expected to adhere to the following policies to maintain eligibility and active status as an affiliate member.


  • Membership to the industry affiliates program requires an annual, qualifying contribution to the eScience Institute. Contributions are considered unrestricted gifts and are to be used to further eScience programs at the discretion of the director.
  • Affiliate status is at the discretion of the eScience Institute, and may be withdrawn or modified at any time by the institute. Affiliates are subject to abide by all policies of the eScience Institute, the University of Washington, and related University administrative bodies.
  • While affiliate members and their representatives may offer suggestions, teaching and research activities are guided by eScience Institute researchers and staff who are ultimately free to select research topics, adopt research methodology, select participants, and direct research funded by the affiliate program.
  • Affiliates Programs differ from sponsored research in that sponsored projects usually are one-on-one arrangements where a single company funds research in a designated faculty lab. The sponsored research agreement includes an agreed-upon statement of work, a term, and a budget. The sponsoring company pays the full direct and indirect costs of the project. In return, the sponsor typically receives first rights to license resulting inventions or software.

  • Affiliates Programs do not provide intellectual property rights to members. Program research results are shared with members and the public.

  • Affiliates Programs are not a customer-vendor relationship with tangible deliverables or services. Accordingly, purchase order terms are not suited to membership in Affiliates Programs.

  • Student privacy must be respected both by the affiliate members and the eScience Institute as governed by the federal law known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. This law affords students rights of access to their education records and generally prohibits the University from releasing or disclosing those records to third parties. In compliance with the Act, the eScience Institute does not disclose any such information from the education records of a student without that student’s written consent.
  • Affiliate members are asked to abide by the recruiting timelines and policies set forth by the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering. These policies are for the benefit of the students to allow for sufficient time to complete their employment search and make well informed decisions. University of Washington students and recent graduates from the most recent three (3) years across all disciplines are subject, including recruiting processes that are not run through the eScience Institute directly.