Date(s) - 06/12/2019
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


3910 15th Ave NE
Seattle WA

Emma Rodman (Political Science) will lead a discussion on “A timely intervention: tracking the changing meanings of political concepts with word vectors.”


Text is a ubiquitous and valued data source in the computer and information sciences, many areas of the natural and social sciences, engineering, business and more. This eScience Special Interest Group is for students, faculty and researchers interested in sharing and learning about UW research and teaching that uses text as data. The group’s objectives include:

  • Promote connections, conversations and collaborations among domains with text-as-data interests on the UW campus
  • Provide a forum for sharing research and receiving feedback
  • Learn about new research advances, data, and funding opportunities
  • Provide a forum discussing teaching resources and pedagogy
  • Discuss methods and software tools for processing and understanding text as data


Spring Seminar and Discussion Group

The text-as-data discussion group is a forum for learning and sharing information. The bi-weekly session is for discussing research and receiving feedback on text methods, data, discoveries, and tools. Time: TBD, Spring Quarter 2019 Location: WRF Data Science Studio, Physics/Astronomy Tower, 6th Floor Please contact Spencer Wood ( if you are interested in presenting on research or teaching during the discussion-group this Spring. The date and time will be determined based on the availability of interested participants.

Moderated listserve

Anyone interested in text-as-data at UW can sign-up to receive and share information about research and activities on campus from


Spencer Wood (eScience Institute)

John Wilkerson (Department of Political Science)