Date(s) - 12/04/2018
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm


3910 15th Ave NE
Seattle WA

Christina Bandaragoda will speak at this meeting.

“Observatory for Gridded Hydrometeorology (OGH): automated retrieval, preprocessing, and visualization for spatial-temporal analysis”

Abstract: Spatially-distributed time-series data support a range of environmental modeling and data research efforts. A critical first step to any such effort is acquiring interpolated hydrometeorological data. Standardized tools to facilitate this process into analyses have not been readily available for watershed scale research. Here, we introduce the Observatory for Gridded Hydrometeorology (OGH), an open source python library that fills this critical software gap by providing a cyberinfrastructure component to fetch and manage distributed data processed from regional and continental-scale gridded hydrometeorology products. Our approach involves annotating metadata to make gridded data products discoverable and usable within the software, enabling interoperability and reproducibility of models that use the data. This talk will give an overview of the paper (Phuong et al., 2018; submitted, in revision) where we present the design, architecture, and application of OGH using four commonly practiced use-cases with gridded time-series data at watershed scales.
Phuong, J., C. Bandaragoda, E. Istanbulluoglu, C. Beveridge, R. Strauch; L. Setiawan; S. D. Mooney. (2018) Automated retrieval, preprocessing, and visualization of gridded hydrometeorology data products for spatial-temporal exploratory analysis and intercomparison, Env. Modeling & Software, (submitted, in revision).