Date(s) - 05/09/2018
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm


3910 15th Ave NE
Seattle WA

Libraries in the age of big data, data science, and digital connectivity: Continuities, disruptions, and opportunities

To understand the institutionalization of data science as an emergent phenomenon in the academy, we must place it in context with the institutions and practices that preceded it, co-exist alongside it, and support it. Libraries have long been vanguards of many core values and commitments that are regarded as integral to academic data science: transparency, openness, access, information management and integrity, version control, and reproducibility. 

In this session, a panel of experts from UW Libraries and the Information School will help us explore the continuities, disruptions, and opportunities in libraries and librarianship in the age of big data, data science, and digital connectivity. UW Data Management Librarian, Jenny Muilenburg, will provide background and context that draws out the connections between libraries and data science, and discuss relevant initiatives happening in academic libraries around the world. Carole Palmer, Professor and Associate Dean for Research in the iSchool, will discuss the evolution of information schools and the relationship between library science and emergent strengths in data science. Chris Coward, Director of the Technology and Social Change (TASCHA), will discuss what his organization is doing to build data capacity in public libraries and harness big data to support their viability and success. And UW Librarians, Verletta Kern and Elliott Stevens, will offer an example of some of the ways academic librarians are supporting the changing needs of researchers in our current day and age by discussing an open source project UW Libraries is launching to promote digital safety for open researchers.

Hope to see you there!