2023 Incubator Presentations: Celina Balderas Guzmán & Yiyu Ni


4:30 pm – 5:20 pm

Please join us for a UW Data Science Seminar event on Wednesday, April 5th from 4:30 to 5:20 p.m. PST. The seminar will feature two projects from our 2023 Data Science Incubator program: Celina Balderas Guzmán, Assistant Professor of UW Landscape Architecture, and Yiyu Ni, a UW Graduate Student of Earth and Space Science.

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“Wetland Communities in the US”

Abstract: Sea level rise threatens human communities on the coast with a variety of hazards including erosion and flooding. However, these risks are reduced in locations where coastal wetlands provide a natural buffer that absorbs the force of waves created by storms. As a result, global institutions, national and local governments, non-profits, practitioners and scientists are currently promoting wetland conservation as an effective adaptation response to climate change. This increased interest means investment dollars and planning resources are going into wetland conservation. The motivation behind this work is to provide information about the number of people and types of communities that would benefit from wetlands that could be useful to researchers, policymakers, and communities interested in restoration or conservation.

Link to full Incubator project here.


“The Prototype of a Cloud Store for Distributed Acoustic Sensing Data”

Abstract: Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) is the recording of strain measurements distributed along an optic fiber cable using photonic sensing. DAS can record signals from cars, trains, ships, planes, earthquakes, volcanic tremors, avalanches, footsteps, and whales. The technology is a revolution for seismology research, with great potential for frontier applications such as wildlife monitoring and the built environment. The data comes in at a high rate (100-10kHz) and multi-channels (100s-10,000s) continuously. The Photonic Sensing Facility (PSF) at UW already has 100sTBs of DAS data from 3 PSF-related experiments. At the same time, the PSF is planning several short- and long-term experiments that will bring the data archive to 1PB by the end of 2023. This large amount of data necessitates the exploration of the data format and metadata structure for fast data queries and processing. This incubator project aims to pilot the first cloud object storage to host DAS data. Our team will deploy a local cloud storage service on our local servers to emulate a cloud platform for DAS research using cloud-optimized data formats. The outcome of the project will be a pilot experiment promoted for authoritative seismic networks and archives.

Link to full Incubator project here.

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