Software Carpentry

Software Carpentry is a volunteer organization whose goal is to make scientists more productive, and their work more reliable, by teaching them basic computing skills. Founded in 1998, it runs short, intensive workshops that cover program design, version control, testing, and task automation. The Software Carpentry Foundation was created in October 2014 to act as a governing body for the project.

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Data Carpentry

Data Carpentry develops and teaches workshops on the fundamental data skills needed to conduct research. Our mission is to provide researchers high-quality, domain-specific training covering the full lifecycle of data-driven research. Data Carpentry is now a lesson project within The Carpentries, having merged with Software Carpentry in January, 2018.

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A hackathon is short conference which involves intense bursts of collaborative activity through project work, usually in groups, on a particular topic. Participants join to network, problem-solve, present information and learn more about the subject matter.

The eScience Institute has hosted Astrohackweek, Geohackweek, ImageXD, NeurohackweekOceanhackweek and will host Waterhackweek in 2019.

Intermediate Git/GitHub Tutorial

This lesson assumes you have a basic experience with Git/Github (on the level of a Software Carpentry lesson). We will briefly review introductory concepts, then focus on exploring git history and collaborating using different workflows.


Advanced Topics in Data Science Seminar

The Topics in Data Science seminar is a new offering held this spring at the eScience institute. The goal is to provide a closer look at useful techniques in data science in a long-form interactive setting. Over the quarter, we’ll hear from a variety of speakers discussing tools and techniques that go beyond the fundamentals presented in previous courses. The seminars are partly interactive, so bring your laptops!

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