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On Loan Whiteboard Tablets & Styluses

Receiving Equipment 

  • To enable collaboration within teams, some participants have been mailed equipment on loan from eScience for the duration of the program.
  • Equipment must be returned within one week of the program’s conclusion.
  • Please be sure to save the provided return envelope that arrives with the equipment. We will send a pre-paid return postage label closer to the end of the program.
  • Do not remove the flat plastic tip from the stylus you received or it will no longer work

Returning Equipment 

  • Please be sure to perform a factory setting reset of the tablet before returning it.
  • If you have have questions about receiving or returning equipment, please contact eScience Office Coordinator Jenny Holcomb (escienceadmin@uw.edu).

Preparing Your Computer for Tutorials

Each team in the DSSG program will adopt the software that makes the most sense for their project. However, for the sake of the tutorials that all fellows will be participating in across the program, we suggest that everyone have the following software installed prior to the start of the program: 

  • A Unix-style shell
  • A text editor
  • Git
  • Python
  • R

Mac OS X and Linux users can follow these instructions for all of the above (you can ignore the Docker instructions for now).

Windows users would be better off following these instructions for installing a Unix-style shell, text editor, Git, and Python then turning to these instructions just for installing R.

Using Limnu Whiteboard App

  • Each project will have access to a team account with Limnu, a virtual whiteboard app.
  • You will receive an email invitation to join this team account during the first week of the program.
  • We highly recommend that when using the app, you log in simultaneously on your tablet device as well as your computer. This will allow you to view the canvas on your larger screen and reserve your smaller tablet screen just for writing/drawing.