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Program Structure & Support

DSSG 2020 Support Decision Tree

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Project Roles 

Two research projects were chosen for the 2020 program. Each project team has the following roles: 2 Project Leads; 2 Data Scientists;  and 4 Graduate Students.

Graduate Student Fellows (George, Ksenlya, Maya, & Richa;  Ari, Hikari, Juandalyn, & Pratik)

Fellows work closely and collaboratively with team members full-time for the duration of the 10-week program on data-intensive projects that have concrete relevance and social impact. Student responsibilities vary from project to project, but often include developing code, selecting methods, conducting analyses, contributing to design, preparing documentation, and incorporating stakeholder perspectives into the project.

Project Leads (Maggie & Lucas, Matt & Loren)

Project leads closely collaborate with one or more Data Scientists from the eScience Institute and an interdisciplinary team of 4-5 student fellows supported by eScience. Project lead’s propose projects, co-manage student teams and  bear primary responsibility for project design and execution throughout the summer. Project leads are expected to work with teams sixteen hours a week. 

Data Scientists (Vaughn & Noah, Spencer & Scott)

Data Scientists are eScience staff who provide conceptual, methodological, and technical guidance to projects for the entire program. Prior to the program’s start, they work with Project Lead’s to refine the scope of work, and help prep data and software environments so students are set up for success. During the program, they assist Project Leads in project management. They attend all team, project-development, team-building and program-wide activities. They organize code reviews in conjunction with other language experts from eScience. They are regularly available to answer questions. With project leads, they give students periodic one-on-one feedback.

Program Roles

Program Admin (Sarah, Anissa, Emily)

Program administrators coordinate with team members collectively and individually to support project work and learning goals. They convene bi-weekly leadership meetings with data scientists and project leads and meet regularly with students. They program workshops and tutorials and other resources.

Data Scientist At-Large (Bryna)

The Data Scientist At-Large attends team meetings during summer whenever possible; provides additional conceptual, methodological, and technical guidance to teams; can triage technical and methodological questions that aren’t suited to team’s own data science leads, can offer sanity checks and clarifying questions. Bryna also facilitates Project Spotlight meetings and is available for one-on-one consultations.

Human-Centered Design Mentor (Dharma)

The HCD mentor supports human-centered design and stakeholder engagement activities such as interviews, user evaluations, and stakeholder analysis.

Language Mentors 

Several eScience Data Scientists are available to provide programming-related support when your questions aren’t resolvable in a timely manner through Stack Overflow (or other Internet resources) or within your team. They can answer specific, quicker questions during regular work hours via the UW DSSG 2020 Slack #language-helpline channel (like Stack Overflow personalized for DSSG). They will also participate in Code Reviews upon request and attend Spotlight meetings when possible. The Slack #language-helpline channel will be monitored by all of the following individuals, and their preferred language is listed for the sake of making appointments during office hours: 

  • R Language Experts (Dave Beck, Joe Hellerstein, Jose Hernandez, Valentina Staneva)
  • Python Language Mentors (Amanda Tan, Bernease Herman, Bryna Hazelton, Anthony Arendt, Nicoleta Cristea)
  • SQL Language Experts (Amanda Tan, Anthony Arendt, Bryna Hazelton, Joe Hellerstein, Jose Hernandez)
  • Git Language Experts (Bernease Herman, Bryna Hazelton, Nicoleta Christea, Valentina Staneva)

To make an appointment to speak with any of the above individuals, please see the eScience Office Hours webpage for their contact information and links to their bios.

Cloud Computing Consultants (Amanda Tan and Rob Fatland)

eScience’s Cloud Computing Consultant’s can help prep cloud environment so students are set up for success. They are available for office hours, consultations, and tutorials upon request. 

Additional Support

Project Data Scientists and/or the Data Scientist At Large can make referrals to other methodological and technical guidance upon request.