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Communication & Coordination

Google Drive & GitHub Repositories

  • Each team will have a Google Team Drive.
    • Data Science Lead or Project Lead will invite you to the drive for your project.


  • We have a Slack workspace (uwdssg2020.slack.com) where you can chat with each other about the program, communicate with your teams, arrange social events, etc.
  • If you have not yet joined the UW DSSG 2020 Slack workspace, please use this link to join.
  • Find channels by clicking on the word “Channels” in the left-hand scroll bar.
  • Team channels have been created for each project. You will find channels for each project set up there. Please join the appropriate channel for the project you’ve been assigned to. Team channels are, by default, set to be visible by any member of the UW DSSG 2020 Slack workspace. But if your team has reason to make your channel private, you may do so.
  • The #general channel is for program-wide announcements and conversation. The #language-helpline channel will be monitored by eScience data scientists who can help with coding questions. #extracurricular and #random channels are for fun.


  • UW provides a free Zoom account accessible via your UW Net ID.
  • Once you have your UW Net ID set up, you can access your UW zoom account by navigating to https://washington.zoom.us/ and selecting “Sign In to Standard UW Zoom.”
  • UW Zoom accounts are managed by UW Information Technology. Please see their Zoom documentation for further detail, tutorials, default UW settings, etc.
  • Additionally, eScience has a webinar-capable Zoom account. If you have need of the eScience Zoom account, please contact eScience Office Coordinator Jenny Holcomb (escienceadmin@uw.edu).


  • Each DSSG project will be provided with Limnu a team membership for the duration of program. Each team member will receive their own Limnu account. If you have not received an invitation to join the team by June 16th, please contact eScience Office Coordinator Jenny Holcomb (escienceadmin@uw.edu).

eScience Blog Posts

Blog posts explaining each project and final presentation results will be drafted by DSSG Program Coordinator Emily Keller for the eScience News page. Team members will have the opportunity to provide input and review the blogs prior to publication. Drafts will be posted in the Shared Google Drive Blogs folder. See the Blogging Overview document for more information.

Social Media

Please consider following us on one or more eScience channels:

Virtual Comment Box

Feel free to use the Virtual Comment Box to share thoughts, questions, comments or concerns with  DSSG Program Chair Anissa Tanweer and DSSG Program Director Sarah Stone. Comments can be anonymous and will be treated confidentially.