Consulting & Services

Not sure how to manage your growing data?  Need help establishing a database?  Is your existing database bursting at the seams and needs to be redesigned or moved to a new platform?  Do you have a massive set of data streaming from an instrument, or from an interesting data set? info [at] escience [dot] washington [dot] edu (We can help)!

The eScience Institute provides consulting services for researchers with data-oriented problems.  We can help with a wide variety of issues:

Proposal Preparation
Algorithms, Processing, and Tools
Cloud Computing
High-Performance Computing

Proposal Preparation

The eScience Institute can help you with the preparation of the technical sections of your funding proposals. Everything from helping you evaluate your computational requirements, to assisting you in securing budgetary quotes from vendors, to fully-funded collaborations to develop software and algorithms.

Access to shared expertise and infrastructure is key to the university’s future competitiveness. The eScience Institute is perfectly positioned to coordinate the preparation of proposals with broad impact in key areas.

The eScience Institute is committed to outreach. In addition to proposals which directly fund the research activities of our eScientists, we provide input and guidance to faculty preparing proposals of their own. Perhaps the greatest impact, however, comes from our increasing profile as a University-wide resource for interdisciplinary collaboration.

* National Science Foundation Proposals *

Beginning January 18, 2011, all NSF proposals are required to include a data management plan.  The eScience Institute offers several resources to help you write and deliver on a competitive plan, including platforms and services for data management, standard text describing these services to include in proposals, and consulting expertise for unique challenges. Continue reading about data management plans for NSF proposals.


Algorithms, Programming, and Tools

  • Development of algorithms to suit your specific problem.
  • Scale up an existing algorithm to operate on a much larger data set.
  • Advise you on the best tool, language, or framework for your problem.

Cloud Computing

We can offer advice and assistance using cloud-based resources, including:

  • Amazon EC2 (computing) and S3 (storage).
  • Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Yahoo's Hadoop/MapReduce or Microsoft's Dryad for massively parallel data analysis.

High-Performance Computing

We can also offer advice and assistance regarding:

  • Hyak an on-campus shared cluster resource 
  • lolo centrally managed scalable storage for UW researchers
  • NSF TeraGrid
  • DOE supercomputing centers, e.g. NERSC


  • Not even sure where to get started?  We can help with that, too.

For further information on any of these services, please contact us.