2014 Moore/Sloan Data Science Postdoctoral Fellowships

The 2014 competition is now closed. We are reviewing the applications that we received and are no longer accepting new applications. Please visit this site again in Winter 2015 for information about next year's competition.

The University of Washington eScience Institute announces the competition for the 2014 Moore/Sloan Data Science Postdoctoral Fellowships. We seek outstanding interdisciplinary researchers with expertise in the methods of data science and in the application of these methods in the physical, life, or social sciences. These positions will also emphasize the development of open source software, reproducibility, and the curation and sharing of data and code.

The fellowships are part of a multi-year partnership between the University of Washington, University of California at Berkeley, and New York University and are funded jointly by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The program recognizes that rapid advances in our ability to acquire and generate data are transforming all fields of discovery from “data-poor” to “data-rich” and a significant bottleneck to discovery is our ability to perform inference over heterogeneous, noisy, and often massive datasets.  

Up to 4 of Moore/Sloan Data Science Fellowships will be awarded in 2014.  Fellows are provided with full annual salary support of $65,000 for two years and a research stipend of $25,000 over the total period of the appointment that can be used for travel, equipment, software, undergraduate research assistants, or other research costs.

To apply, each candidate should identify two mentors from the list of eScience Affiliate Faculty for dual mentorship -- one in a methodology area (computer science, statistics, applied math, information sciences, or human centered design and engineering), and the other in a domain science (life, physical, or social).  The candidate will submit a single application package jointly with these two faculty mentors.  A candidate may also contact a faculty member not currently listed as an affiliate.

Application Details

To apply, submit the following materials to hiring [at] escience [dot] washington [dot] edu.  We are reviewing applications as they arrive, so while there is no application deadline, we encourage you to be prompt!

  • A one page statement of research accomplishments.
  • A  two-page statement of goals for proposed research activities. The statement should include discussion of how the candidate’s proposed research will contribute to the goal of enhancing linkages between a domain science and data science.  
  • A curriculum vitae.
  • Three letters of reference submitted directly by the recommenders via email to hiring [at] escience [dot] washington [dot] edu.

The applicants must also compile and submit as part of the above application the following: 

  • A one-page document from the applicant indicating the rationale for the choice of mentors, the expected benefits of working with the mentors, and the relationship of the activity to the applicant’s career goals.
  • Two one-page documents, one from each of the proposed mentors, indicating a commitment to work with the prospective Fellow, describing a mentoring plan, and summarizing each researcher’s prior record of mentoring.

Evaluation of Proposals

 Proposals will be evaluated by the steering committee of the University of Washington eScience Institute. Applications will be evaluated based on:

  • The Fellow’s record of research and other accomplishments as they relate specifically to advancing data-driven discovery;
  • The quality and suitability of the mentoring plan for the Fellow’s future work;
  • The contribution of the Fellow’s proposed research to advancing the techniques and technologies of data science and the domain that depends on them;
  • The Fellow’s commitment to reproducibility and open science as demonstrated by the public release of data and/or software.

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