Important Dates for the Winter 2017 Incubator:

Thursday, October 20th, 1pm: Information meeting. Location: WRF Data Science Studio.

Monday, November 7th: Applications due. Applications are now closed.

Monday, December 5th: Notification or proposal selections.

Thursday, January 5th: Kickoff meeting. Location: WRF Data Science Studio.

If you have any questions about submitting a project for an Incubator, please consult one of our Data Scientists during their Office Hours for guidance:

The application form will ask for the following information:

  • Contact information for the project lead — the one who will join us in the studio and be responsible for carrying out the project.
  • A description of your data. At least the size, formats, where the data currently resides, and any privacy and access restrictions. We strongly favor projects that have already collected the relevant data rather than “preparatory” projects that involve building software in the anticipation of future data collection activities.
  • The timeframe for your work.
  • Project summary / objective (~1 page) similar to the Specific Aims sections in NIH and NSF proposals. This document should include the key science questions the data will help answer and the key technical challenges you face in answering these questions. For example: Do you need new methods or algorithms? Do you need to scale up existing methods? Do you need to integrate data so it can be analyzed? Do you need to publish data and/or code to improve collaborative opportunities and reproducibility?

Proposals are prioritized based on the following criteria:

Good clustering between proposals; ideally, we seek a cohort of proposals with a common theme

Alignment with sponsor and program goals

Participant availability and engagement

Ability to answer fundamentally new research questions

Clarity and shovel-readiness

Capacity for measurable outcomes

Capabilities of the incubator staff

We expect that some good proposals will not meet every criteria.