Date(s) - 05/02/2017
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


3910 15th Ave NE
Seattle WA
Herbert Sauro will present at this Reproducibility Working Group meeting.
Title: Approaches to Reproducibility in Systems and Physiological Modeling
Reproducibility is the cornerstone of the scientific method; it is the ability to successfully and independently recreate an experiment. Over the last 17 years a number of successful standards have emerged in systems biology modeling that are poised to allow modelers to create and publish reproducible simulation experiments.
However, issues still remain. Though technically solved on a number of levels, the most significant impediment to achieving reproducible science is sociological. The reward system in science (at least in biology) puts more emphasis on publication metrics than on the actual results themselves. Reproducibility therefore takes a backseat, at least in systems biology modeling.
This means that the bulk (>95%) of published models are not reproducible. Since our reward system is unlikely to change in the near future, efforts have to be directed instead at the journals. In this talk I will discuss some of the efforts we are trying to put in place that include both technical and cultural changes.