The path to deep scientific discoveries is changing rapidly. Most disciplines, from physical to life sciences, have entered an era, where discovery is now no longer limited by the collection and processing of data, but by the management, analysis, and visualization of this information. From studying the building blocks of life, to understanding the nature of our universe, transformative breakthroughs are increasingly dependent on our ability to interrogate complex data streams from instruments distributed on a global scale.

To be successful, the next generation of scientists needs to be deep in both their own field as well as computer science and statistics. Similarly, the next generation of computer scientists and statisticians needs to understand deeply the real needs of domain scientists. Students can no longer develop tools and models in isolation, because the resulting “hammers” fail to meet the growing needs of the data-enabled sciences.

To address these challenges and to educate the next generation of scientists, the University of Washington offers PhD programs specialized in Big Data and Data Science in various departments as well as an integrative program that crosses department boundaries.

Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) Data Science PhD Program

The IGERT program brings together departments and students to educate an interdisciplinary cohort of scientists. IGERT is a PhD program with two key goals: Education and Training, and Cyberinfrastructure Development.

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Advanced Graduate Data Science Option

This option brings tool builders from across campus together into the same set of advanced data science courses. This option targets students who seek to develop new data science methods and build new data science tools.

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Advanced Graduate Data Science Option

Participating departments in the IGERT program have all defined a Big Data PhD track, which articulates how the IGERT requirements map to the department’s requirements without creating any additional burden. In some departments, these Big Data tracks go beyond this mapping.

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Graduate Data Science Option

The Data Science option aims to educate the next generation of thought leaders who will apply new methods for data science. To ensure that the Data Science Option remains consistent across departments and schools, all units in this program agree to shape their options by following the same overall framework.

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